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Offering freedom, flexibility & maximum diving experiences by Indonesia liveaboard on only the best dive sites in Raja Ampat.
Raja Ampat Liveaboard Diving for Experienced Divers -- Underwater Photography & Video

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Raja Ampat Liveaboard Dive / Photo Tours, Underwater Photography

2014 & 2015 Indonesia Liveaboard Diving
on SMY Ondina
select special diving trips (group & individual)

Raja Ampat Liveaboard Diving Trips
in Raja Ampat since 1999

Value-Added Trips - Special Opportunities:
Limited Participation Liveaboard Trips
Some with optional Underwater Photography Course

Value-Added Raja Ampat Liveaboard Trips
"Our Best"

2015 Schedule - Value Added Charters
New for 2015! 2 Types of Trips!

1. Apr 05 - Apr 17 (Limited Participation + extras, optional Photo Course)
2. Apr 20 - May 02
(Limited Participation + extras)
3. Oct 31 - Nov 14
(Limited Participation + extras)
4. Nov 17 - Nov 29 Limited Participation + extras, optional Photo Course)

2014 Schedule - Value Added Charters

1. Nov 01-15 (Limited Participation +extras)
2. Nov 18-30 (Limited Participation + extras)

Raja Ampat trip details

Can't go with us?

2014-2015 Indonesia Liveaboard Trips

Maluku Divers - Ambon Diving

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details on all VALUE ADDED trips at: www.cityseahorse.com/raja-ampat-diving/

Raja Ampat Trip Galleries


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Raja Ampat Diving in Irian Jaya

Raja Ampat Photo Galleries:
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Raja Ampat Underwater Pictures, Irian Jaya Photos
Raja Ampat Diving - West Papau Gallery
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2015 Schedules Added
April and November 2015
Value-Added Trips
Photo Course "VA" Trips

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Next Value Added Dive Trips
with space available:
April 5-17, 2015
Raja Ampat
liveaboard details

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