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Small Group Dive Trips to Raja Ampat Since 1999
Offering freedom, flexibility & maximum diving experiences on only the best dive sites in Raja Ampat. Limited participation trips at competitive rates
-- Dive Trips for Women - Raja Ampat for Women Divers - Women-Friendly, Not Women-Only Trips

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Dive Trips for Women
Raja Ampat Dive Trips

Adventurous Women Divers? Join a City Seahorse Dive Trip

Join our small groups of only 12 divers on a journey that will amaze you with it's beauty and WOW diving experience!

Would you like to dive exotic, adventurous destinations but your dive buddy isn't interested or can't join you? Being solo doesn't mean you have to get left out. More and more independently minded, adventurous women are joining our Raja Ampat trips each year.

Raja Ampat beautiful coral diversityIf you have never dived Raja Ampat, here is your opportunity to experience one of the world's most exotic, remote, and rewarding dive destinations. The density, diversity and quality of the dive sites and marine life is unprecedented. Enjoy a City Seahorse conducted Value Added group trip with me, Deb Fugitt, your expert trip organizer and guide.

My company, City Seahorse, offers unique adventure diving vacations that are terrific for women traveling solo and for those traveling with mothers, sisters, daughters, partners, and friends.

Each trip is carefully researched and custom-designed to provide the best in dive travel at a good value, with safety, comfort and an incredible experience my top priorities.

I am proud of the authentic, life enriching travel experiences that we are able to share with all our guests. Our guests often come back year after year and tell us that they appreciate being given the freedom to dive as they like, having the trip tailored to their wants and needs and making friends with the Indonesian people they meet & with other divers on the trip. Divers traveling solo on our trips often meet new friends for life.

City Seahorse has been a pioneer in Raja Ampat since offering my first small group dive trip to Raja Ampat in 1999. It was in Raja Ampat that I perfected my signature dive trip experience.  Prior to Raja Ampat I organized "public" dive trips for small select groups to the Caribbean and other areas of Indonesia starting in 1994.

City Seahorse thrives because my team and I provide high quality, small, friendly diving trips only to the best diving locations in the world - places that we know extremely well.

Begin your journey here and let your imagination be swept away by the tempting dive opportunities awaiting you in Raja Ampat. Then pack your bags and join us on one of our Value Added adventure dive vacations for the time of your life.

You make the phone call (USA 817 626 0636), send an email or complete our request form, we do the planning.

Benefits of Joining our Small Group, Value Added Dive Trips:

  1. One-on-one contact with Deb, your trip organizer and leader to plan your trip. Individual attention before and during your dive trip to help you get the most from your trip.
  2. Dive with a buddy of similar experience and interests or you can dive with one of our expert guides.
  3. Share a cabin with another woman, guaranteed! OR Book a single cabin for a small surcharge per night.
  4. Your travels will be easy and safe. Don't worry if you've never been to Indonesia before, we'll take charge.
  5. Meet and dive with interesting people from different countries. My trips are female-friendly but you will chat and dive with a mix of women, men and couples who all love the same thing - great diving!
  6. Only 12 guests on the ship instead of 16 or 20 or 24,
  7. Dive during the best seasons. We know when they are! Only 2-4 trips per year.
  8. There are no big egos & no pressure; we spend time relaxing and appreciating places, people, the marine life, the scenery, sunsets and sunrises.  Our goal is to get you away from your daily work and family responsibilities. We dress down and go without makeup. And we laugh... a lot!
  9. Receive a 20 page document outlining your travel in great detail, the diving, what and how to pack, how each dive day is structured and more. Your completed Guest Info form provides information on your dietary requirements and preferences, and goals for the trip, so we can customize the trip for you and the other 11 divers on your trip.
  10. We support responsible tourism and eco-friendly diving in one of the most magical dive destinations on this earth.

harlequin shrimpWomen Cabinmate: Sharing a cabin and hotel rooms can save hundreds of dollars. Many women who travel solo, particulaly married or otherwise "attached" women do not want to share a room of a cabin with a man. No matter what the mix of people on the ship, I guarantee on my Value Added charters you will share with another woman. It might be me (Deb)!

I collect information for each person on the trip and pair up cabinmates by cabin temperature preference and interests so you'll both be comfortable and have something to chat about in the cabin.

A typical guest on my trips is between 40 and 70 (although some are older and some younger), many are experienced divers with many years and dive certifications to her/his credit. This experience and ability to handle themselves underwater frees up our dive guides to spot critters, model, help photographers and videographers set up shots, etc.

The ship and my trips are very well set up for underwater photographers and videographers. If you are thinking about starting underwater photography, there are always experienced photographers on the trip to offer advise and help to get you started.

We also have less experienced divers aboard. They learn a lot quickly by picking up tips and good habits just from being exposed to the more experienced divers and photographers. There is lots of conversation about travel and diving in other areas of the world and other parts of Indonesia. Because I hire extra guides, we can assign one of our divemasters to the less experienced divers while not impacting the experience of the very experienced divers aboard.

Diving on these trips is geared around the wishes of the guests, rather than around the divemasters or the crew. Bottom time is usually only limited by how much air or Nitrox is left in your tank, rather than by the clock. Most days there will be the chance to dive 4-5 dives per day if you wish. Some days are "open deck" where you can dive as much and as often as you like.

blue ring octopusYour Trip Organizer

As your trip organizer, I help you plan your trip and then travel with the group. I'm there to insure that your experiences, and those of the group are good.

I've traveled alone, to remote parts of the world since 1980. As a solo female traveler, I'm well aware of the potential problems and worries faced by women traveling to "adventurous" destinations.

I was diving with my female cabinmate when our guide found this great little Blue Ring Octopus - on our departure day's check out dive!

Before the trip, I'll help organize your travel to Indonesia, telling you where and when you will meet other divers in the group. I organize shared rooms for any hotel overnights required, the safest and most on-time flights to meet the ship, and sometimes optional add-on adventures before or after the main trip.

To guarantee you the best liveaboard experience I hire an expert cruise director, dive guides and tender driver who have many years experience in Raja Ampat and the dive sites there. You won't be diving with a crew reading GPS coordinates of all the dive sites from a book. My team checks the current and conditions before each dive so you will have a detailed dive briefing before going into the water.

On board the ship, I'm there to plan each day's dives, look out for your safety, to help resolve any issues, and to make sure that you enjoy the diving and are well cared for by the galley (if any special dietary requirements), the crew and in particular, the dive guides.

The diving works best if we have only a few divers with each guide. The ratio of guide to divers is 1:3 or 1:4 IF everyone does the dive and wants a guide.

To feel so "cared for" is a rare thing these days, but that’s what you can expect from my team - from initial contact until we part ways at the end of the trip - even afterward as we keep in touch on facebook & by email.

I've planned every trip I've made for as long as I can remember. My most recent non-diving trips were for myself and my mother to New Zealand, Scotland and Ireland. We spent 3 weeks each time and had fabulous adventures even though she has a medical problem and cannot walk far.

review raja ampat liveaboard tripReliable Company: I've been in business organizing dive trips since 1994. City Seahorse thrives because my team and I provide high quality diving tours only to the best diving in the world - to places that we know extremely well. Divers who travel with us once, return year after year. Each year we have a 40-75% repeat guest rate.

Please read more about why these Value Added small group dive trips are special and check out some comments from former guests.

Note: I can also organize everything for your small group to join one of my Value Added charters, OR set up a charter for your group of maximum 16 divers at a price that is a even better value!

If you have any questions about the trip, the travel or the diving be sure to send an email. I'll reply personally and quickly, unless I'm underwater in Raja Ampat!

DebF (Deb Fugitt)
Owner, City Seahorse, Inc.

woman diver shoots undewater video

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"... the authors highlighted 500 fantastic places across the globe which will inspire people to see the world in a new light, selecting unusual holidays and alternative ways to travel which make a real difference to the lives of local people and the planet. Only a few companies qualify for a special recommendation of this kind, which highlights your company as one of our authors' favorites.!"

Comments from Women Divers:

"The loveliest reefs in the world... Raja Ampat has held a magical attraction for me, and my visit there has been a long time in coming. Unspoiled reefs and great underwater critters, away from the crowds and the eco-pressures of the rest of the world. I finally got there on this trip, and we experienced a diverse range of habitats and marine life. From mangroves and jungle passages to current swept bommies and manta cleaning stations, this area has it all. I do intend to go back!

"The trip was organized by Deb Fugitt and Tony Matheis to be photo-centric, and this focus made a great difference in my photo productivity, as we went to the right sites at the right times. Sometimes it was still a toss of the dice for currents, sunlight or visibility, but their locale specific knowledge really helped in choosing among our options."


"I don't think I will ever be able to match the trip we took over the past three weeks. Maybe. I have doubts though. Serious doubts.....

I have to say that diving in Raja Ampat exceeded all my exceptionally high expectations. I don't know how I held my regulator in my mouth on some of those initial dives since my jaw was dropping in disbelief at the sheer amount of life. I have never seen anything like it anywhere: not in Belize, Fiji, or even in Bali. It was just unbelievable.

We saw an enormous amount of species in just the first few days. Unfortunately, I don't think anything will ever be able to compare. How do you do two days of diving and see wobbegong sharks, epaulet sharks, eels, seahorses, turtles, banded pipefish, cuttlefish, lionfish, crocodilefish, anenomefish, shrimps, crabs, nudibranchs, flatworms, robust ghost pipefish, sea snakes, and countless species of fish? It was mind boggling to see it all. Sometimes the dives were a kaleidoscope of color with soft coral, hard coral, fish, and crinoids in every imaginable color.

We even had the fortune to see both hard coral and soft coral spawning. Fricking AWESOME!!! !"


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