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Uncommonly Amazing Small Group Dive Adventures to Raja Ampat Since 1999
Offering freedom, flexibility & maximum diving experiences on only the best dive sites in Raja Ampat. Limited participation trips at competitive rates
-- Underwater Photography & Video - Raja Ampat for Experienced Divers -- Just a FEW Trips Each Year

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Terms and Condtions for City Seahorse Uncommonly Amazing Charters

For detailed information on small group trips in Raja Ampat, first visit the

Raja Ampat Photo/Dive Trip Information

The number of guests on our Uncommon Trips - Raja Ampat liveaboard tours is limited.
We must guarantee a minimum number of guests in order to obtain charter & group rates for all guests and to cover expenses for the unique services which include the hiring of addtional Raja Ampat experienced guides for these dive trips resulting in the terms shown below.

Air Flights

We do not provide International air flight bookings, however we can assist you to find an itinerary and fare online.

We will arrange domestic flights within Indonesia though an Indonesian agent once International flights are reserved. You will be invoiced for these domestic flights and this payment must be received before the tickets can be purchased on your behalf.

Should you choose to arrange travel within Indonesia yourself and/or you arrange International travel on flights we do not recommend, we will not be able to assist you with flight cancellations, delays or problems such as denied boarding, delayed or missing luggage.

Please ask for help! We know the best routes, how to get the best fares and also itineraries and airlines to avoid! Often the lowest fare is not your best choice.

Travel Insurance

We are not associated with these agencies and provide these links only as a convenience. We highly recommend you consider a travel cancellation and interruption insurance policy for any pre-paid trip!

travel insurance  CSA
travel insurance  Travel Guard™

It is not uncommon for guests to need to cancel because of medical problems of themselves or a family member, or job or financial situation changes. Evaluate your personal risks and choose a policy that will reimburse you for your expenses in case of most unavoidable situations.

In addition to emergency evacuation and diving accident insurance, the DAN North America (Divers Alert Network) Preferred Membership includes coverage (lifetime maximum $10,000) for insured diver's losses incurred for trip cancellation before departure due to a sickness or injury that would impair the ability to dive. In the event a diver is sick or injured before his/her trip, this coverage would reimburse nearly all pre-paid trip expenses.

In Europe check DAN Europe Insurance Policies.

Raja Ampat Photo/Dive Trip Information

Terms & Conditions

  • A 30% deposit is required to confirm your space on a City Seahorse Uncommon Trip charter
  • 50% payment is due 120 days prior to trip departure.
  • Full payment is due 90 days prior to the trip departure date.
  • If payments are not received by due dates, your space may be sold and no refund is made. We are not required to send payment reminders.
  • Any discounts are applied at the final payment .
  • Cancellations more than 90 days prior to trip departure will be refunded at the selling price of the replacement booking less the amount due on the trip, and an advertising and handling fee of $300 if we can fill the space prior to 30 days before departure. If you cancel more than 60 days in advance and you supply a suitable replacement diver who provides all necessary data and is approved by us to join the trip more than 30 days before trip departure there is a $150 fee for processing the replacement - all financial arrangements must be made between the original and the replacement diver. All guests (including replacments) are accepted only on our approval. No refund for cancellations if your space cannot be filled less than 30 days before trip departure, or for cancellations less than 30 days prior to trip departure.
  • Prices are cash prices for check, cash, money order or bank transfer. We accept PayPal for credit card deposits. All invoices are delivered by email. Add $200 handling fee per trip to receive invoices by postal mail or FAX. US$ prices for trips and fees with prices based in euros are based on euros/dollar exchange rate at time of invoice and are subject to change with currency fluctuations until invoice is paid in full.
  • Travel insurance is recommended as for any other pre-paid travel
  • A dive computer (for your safety on multiple day/multiple dives) is required
  • You must show a diving certification card (C-card) to dive. Proof of Nitrox (enriched air) certification required to use Nitrox.
  • Diver's Alert Network medivac or a similar diver insurance that will cover you in the event that you need to be evacuated for medical care. The insurance must include immediate access to a specialized hyperbaric medical consultant (physician), dive accident management and evacuation. Proof of valide insurance must be presented for our inspection at the time of boarding (before diving for land-based trips), or trip participation will be refused. The coverage can be approved prior to trip departure if we are provided with the policy number and contact informaoin for the insurer.
  • Individuals who have previously been treated in a hyperbaric chamber for DCS (decompression sickness) are not allowed to dive deeper than 20 ft on City Seahorse trips.
  • You will be required to complete a form with contact information, info about you and your dive interests prior to the trip.
  • You will be required to sign an assumption of risk and complete release of liability agreement upon arrival, or earlier if you travel with us on a side-excursion prior to the liveaboard trip. A copy of this agreement is available in advance on request.
  • Tips/Gratuities are not mandatory. If you are pleased with the service and wish to leave a tip for the crew an opportunity will be provided the last evening of the trip. Tips are totalled from all guests and divided equally among all crew member who do their assigned jobs properly during the cruise. They are distrbuted on the morning of your departure. Ship and City Seahorse owners do not receive tips.
  • City Seahorse reserves the right to change a trip's date, dive operator, accommodations and itinerary as conditions warrent. If a change must be made due to bad weather, transportation delays, sickness or any other contingency for which City Seahorse or its agents cannot make provision, the cost of delays or changes is not included.
  • We will not assist individuals with lost or delayed baggage, denied boarding or any problem related to their choice of airline and itinerary if they booked their International air travel against our recommendations. We are happy to consult, review and advise on itineraries before purchase to avoid known problems.
  • An additional fee may be imposed due to substancial increases in fuel costs, or additional taxes or fees imposed by the authorities in Papua or other areas visited during the trip.
  • City Seahorse reserves the right to cancel an itinerary before departure for any reason whatsoever, including too few participants or logistical problems which may make operation of a trip inadvisable. All dive trip payments will be refunded to the person or company invoiced for the trip. This refund will be the limit of City Seahorse's liability.
  • City Seahorse reserves the right to decline any individual as a trip member for any reason whatsoever. City Seahorse reserves the right to terminate any individual's trip should they be a burden to the welfare of the group. Unused portions will be non-refundable.
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Dive Accident Insurance
Emergency evacuation & dive accident insurance is required, by most reputable ships and dive resorts in Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat Liveaboard Ship

Travel Insurance is highly recommended to cover delayed flights, cancellation or interruption of your trip.

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"This was the only organized trip I have ever taken where I was able to dive the way I like to dive, no problems and no hassles. ... I'd like to join another of your expeditions in the near future."

"We found the trip to be exactly as advertised and it exceeded our expectations due primarily to the hard work of the excellent crew and to Deb's experience and attention for creating a photo rich environment. This was by far the best photography oriented dive trip that we've ever taken!"

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