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Raja Ampat Liveaboard Diving
Offering freedom, flexibility & maximum diving experiences on only the best dive sites in Raja Ampat.
-- Raja Ampat for Experienced Divers -- Limited to 12 Guests at Competitive Prices --

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2016 VALUE-ADDED Charters in Raja Ampat

What is an Uncommonly Amazing
(Value-Added) Dive Trip?

normal vs Value-Added tripsDivers often ask me to explain the difference between my "Value-Added" charter trips and a "normal" liveaboard trip. This page explains the additional extras you will enjoy on a Value-Added City Seahorse charter trip.

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A Value-Added Charter starts with a contract for a full ship charter between the ship owners and City Seahorse. Guest divers are vetted as to experience level, whether they enjoy the type of diving that will be offered, and to some extent if they are friendly well-behaved divers that will play well with other guests on the ship.

A "normal" liveaboard trip sells spaces direct from the liveaboard's company (or though an agent) to anyone who wants to book on the trip. Beginners, advanced, experienced and inexperienced divers; happy people, grumpy people - doesn't matter.

Each City Seahorse Value-Added Charter is limited to 12 guests. The ratio of divers to dive guides is often 3-4 divers per guide sometimes less! If you have a group of 3 or 4 who want to dive together, you can have your own dive tender team and guide (guides rotate between teams).

A "normal" liveaboard trip fills the ship with as many guests as can fit in the ship's cabins. The ratio of divers to dive guides is often 6-10 divers per guide.

Raja Ampat cruise director and dive guideOn a Value-Added Charter you will enjoy the services of the ship's regular crew (OK, maybe too many so some take a holiday!) plus a carefully selected Raja Ampat-experienced cruise director (in Raja Ampat since 2006), specially hired Raja Ampat-experienced dive guides (4), a local Papuan expert guide, a trip organizer with 16 years experience organizing group trips in the area and (optionally) a professional photographer / photo instructor to help you improve your photography skills (check individual trips or ask). See the Dive Team.

A "normal" liveaboard trip sails with a regular crew, including 2-3 dive guides and a cruise director who may or may not have ever been to Raja Ampat previously.

On your Value-Added Charter we will ask for your like/dislikes and vary the itinerary accordingly taking into consideration and the conditions of weather, currents and underwater visibility. You will enjoy unlimted bottom time and several days of "open-deck" diving. On open-deck days, you can as much as you like, when you like. Open-deck days are everyone's favorite.

A "normal" liveaboard trip often sails a pre-planned itinerary and sets arbitrary bottom-time limits or 45-60 min.

See the Value-Added Charters Schedule »

"Normal" vs VALUE-ADDED
"Normal" Liveaboard Trip
Value-Added Charter
Bookings Open booking with
the ship or via agents.
Direct booking with
City Seahorse.
Divers vetted for trip compatibility.
Guest Divers Beginner to

Divers vetted for dive experience level so that guides are not hand-holding beginners and ignoring advanced divers.
Crew Ship's regular crew. Ship's regular crew plus
PLUS Raja-Ampat-Experienced
cruise director / 4 dive guides / local guide / tour organizer / optional photography instructor.
Itinerary/route Pre-planned itinerary. Flexible itinerary.
Bottom-times Arbitrary bottom-time limits. No bottom-time limits (with few exceptions)
PLUS open-deck diving.
Number of Divers Maximum number of divers
the ship's cabins can accommodate.
12 guest divers with
2 cabins available to be booked as "guaranteed single" cabins for 1 person.
Cost Regular price. Bit more expensive due to limited number of divers and cost of extra guides.
Number of Dives 3+ dives per day. 4+ dives per day.
Support Remote travel agent &
ship's office staff.
On-trip tour organizer with 16 years experience in Raja Ampat small group dive trips, in-country travel agent to assist with travel.
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To plan your special Raja Ampat liveaboard diving trip call Deb at 817-626-0636, or contact us via our request form. We'll help you plan your travel to Indonesia and take it from there!
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