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Small Group Dive Adventures to Raja Ampat Since 1999
Offering freedom, flexibility & maximum diving experiences on only the best dive sites in Raja Ampat. Limited participation trips at competitive rates
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Ship Photos

SMY Ondina Photos

ship at sea
SMY Ondina - Traditional Phinsi Ship
Purpose-Built for Diving by Hand in Bima, Sulawesi
deck from top of the mast
Bird's Eye View of SMY Ondina
View Toward Bow
sails up
View from the Sundeck
dining lounge area
Dining / Lounge
Currently has mini-fridge, flat screen HDTV, expresso maker added
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Diver's Comments:

"The loveliest reefs in the world... Raja Ampat has held a magical attraction for me, and my visit there has been a long time in coming. Unspoiled reefs and great underwater critters, away from the crowds and the eco-pressures of the rest of the world. I finally got there on this trip, and we experienced a diverse range of habitats and marine life. From mangroves and jungle passages to current swept bommies and manta cleaning stations, this area has it all. I do intend to go back!

"The trip was organized by Deb Fugitt and Tony Matheis to be photo-centric, and this focus made a great difference in my photo productivity, as we went to the right sites at the right times. Sometimes it was still a toss of the dice for currents, sunlight or visibility, but their locale specific knowledge really helped in choosing among our options."


"I don't think I will ever be able to match the trip we took over the past three weeks. Maybe. I have doubts though. Serious doubts.....

I have to say that diving in Raja Ampat exceeded all my exceptionally high expectations. I don't know how I held my regulator in my mouth on some of those initial dives since my jaw was dropping in disbelief at the sheer amount of life. I have never seen anything like it anywhere: not in Belize, Fiji, or even in Bali. It was just unbelievable.

We saw an enormous amount of species in just the first few days. Unfortunately, I don't think anything will ever be able to compare. How do you do two days of diving and see wobbegong sharks, epaulet sharks, eels, seahorses, turtles, banded pipefish, cuttlefish, lionfish, crocodilefish, anenomefish, shrimps, crabs, nudibranchs, flatworms, robust ghost pipefish, sea snakes, and countless species of fish? It was mind boggling to see it all. Sometimes the dives were a kaleidoscope of color with soft coral, hard coral, fish, and crinoids in every imaginable color.

We even had the fortune to see both hard coral and soft coral spawning. Fricking AWESOME!!! !"


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