2004 Rajah Ampat Diving Underwater Photography

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diving Indonesia, Rajah AmpatDFugitt-05-Sorong-allied-cowrie
Irian Jaya diving dive vacations

Allied Cowrie on Wire Coral

During one trip we had to take the ship into Sorong to pick up parts and a technician to repair the AC. So that we didn't miss our dives, we dived in and around Sorong. The water was dirty. Previously we'd found schools of shrimpfish in the corals there, so I took a 60mm lens. I didn't find any shrimpfish but did find several cowries and some interesting twin-tailed slugs, clownfish and lots of pretty soft coral. Too bad the viz isn't better there. Housed Nikon F4, 60mm lens, Woody's diopter.

2004 Rajah Ampat Diving Underwater Photography

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