2004 Raja Ampat Diving Underwater Photography

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diving Indonesia, Raja AmpatEstuarine Halfbeak, Raja Empat Indonesia
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Estuarine Halfbeak, Raja Empat Indonesia

I'm sure the halfbeaks have been here on every dive but I'd never noticed them until Mike Oelrich pointed them out. My attention was on the archerfish, the bright soft corals, golden cup corals, reflections and through the surface shots of the rainforest. We had two cloudy days in this area in November so I took a 60mm lens and concentrated one dive on polkadot cardinalfish, halfbeaks and archerfish. Oh.. and a couple of pretty nudibranchs! Housed Nexus F4, 60mm lens, YS-300, YS-120 strobes. Raja Ampat Indonesia.

2004 Raja Ampat Diving Underwater Photography

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