2004 Irian Jaya Diving Underwater Photography

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diving Indonesia, Irian JayaFusiliers !
Irian Jaya diving dive vacations

Fusiliers !

For this shot we jumped into a current so strong that we had to hide behind the low coral growth and couldn't move around for fear of thrashing and breaking the corals. During 45 min. of the dive (until we had to ascend and get out of the current for a long safety stop) a steady wall of fusiliers surrounded us. Often they were so close I could not take a photo or it would have been out of focus. This shot is dark. My position wouldn't allow me to turn around and shoot up into the sun. Nikonos V, 15mm lens, 2 YS-300's manual.

2004 Irian Jaya Diving Underwater Photography

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