2004 Raja Ampat Diving Underwater Photography

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diving Indonesia, Raja AmpatMisool, Colorful Canyons in Raja Ampat
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Misool, Colorful Canyons in Raja Ampat

The diving in Misool reminds me of diving in Fiji only with much more variety and diversity of fish and corals. Still, in looking at the photos from the trip, it becomes difficult to distinguish one dive site from another.. just like Fiji. Other areas in Raja Ampat seem to have more unique dive sites with recognizeable structures and creatures. I could get bored with Misool even though it is very beautiful. This photo was made at about 10 ft. At that depth on a bright day the colors of the corals are dazzling. Velvia does not come close to what I see with my eyes. Nikonos V, 15mm lens, 2 YS-300's manual.

2004 Raja Ampat Diving Underwater Photography

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