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Day in the Trip Underwater Videos - Indonesia

Day in the Trip - Silversides on the Reef - Raja Ampat

"Day in the Trip - Silversides on the Reef" is the second of a series of 1 to 5 minute videos each created from one single day of diving on our Indonesia dive trips.

Silversides on the Reef is from one of my most favorite days of diving in Raja Ampat. We don't always see silversides like this, but often enough that I had to choose from several different days on different trips over several years where we've had this experience. Not sure this was the ultimate day in Raja Ampat for them.... but it was a memorable one!

Like "Day in the Trip - Deep Water Mangroves" most of the action is near the surface which accounts for the bright colors of fish and corals. Although the fish appear silver from a distance, they are actually a red color in the shade where the sunlight is not reflecting off them. Overhead there were often masses of the tiny fish that blocked much of the sunlight making the color of corals appear jewel-like and creating sunbeams and shadows.

The Anemonefish really were in red-colored anemones. The lionfish and the Clown Triggerfish were deep, perhaps 80 feet. I followed the sea snake from the surface down to 100ft.

This dive site is always covered with beautiful soft corals and an amazing growth of multi-colored sea fans. Often there are large schools of barracuda, jacks or snappers, turtles, Mobula Rays and always a plethora of reef fish. When I get the chance I'll choose another day from this same Raja Ampat dive site and create another underwater video.

This particular day of diving is included on our Raja Ampat, Sorong-Sorong and Sorong-Halmahera-Lembeh itineraries. These trips are targeted toward underwater photographers and videographers.

The video was shot with a Sony HC3 camcorder in a Gates Housing with Fathom Super Wide Port, SWP25B and without a white balance control. Captured in High Definition but converted to SD and Flash for display on the web page. This severely reduces the quality, but does allow me to show many more divers the glories of Raja Ampat.

Your comments and constructive criticism are very welcome. Take the link to my web page or use the link at the bottom of this page and send me an email. I'm still looking for a better way to encode these very detailed videos with high motion... suggestions??

Thanks so much for watching the video!

Deb Fugitt
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