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Day in the Trip Underwater Videos - Indonesia

Day in the Trip - Mimic Octopus - Raja Ampat

"Day in the Trip - Mimic Octopus" is the third of a series of 1 to 5 minute videos each created from one single day of diving on our Indonesia dive trips.

If the group loves muck diving we'll spend a full day exploring the barren looking black sand slopes for unusual creatures. It was late afternoon and some of our dive buddies decided to rest. Just about dusk Mike saw this Mimic Octopus out of its hole exploring the area. It was attracted to his metal pointer stick, grabbed hold of it and tried to pull it away!

Being the great dive buddy he's been for 8 years, Mike left his pointer in the sand and came to fetch me. There were 3 of us and the Mimic Octopus. We were careful not to surround it, or get too close and scare it away. It roamed around the area for about 10 minutes while Mike shot still images and I captured it in HD video.

Earlier in the day I'd shot mating Pygmy Cuttlefish and a Wonderpus as well as many beautiful nudibranchs, ghost pipefish, anemonefish and other muck dwelling critters.

This particular day of diving is often included on our Raja Ampat, Sorong-Sorong itineraries. These trips are targeted toward underwater photographers and videographers.

The video was shot with a Sony HC3 camcorder in a Gates Housing with Fathom Super Wide Port, SWP25Bl. Captured in High Definition but converted to SD for display on the web page.

Thanks so much for watching the video!

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