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Misool, Raja Ampat Corals
Bombarded by Jacks - Misool
Typical Raja Ampat Reef Scene
Gigantic Schools of Small Fish
Hal Photographs the Wobbegong
Yellow Pygmy Seahorse - Papua Dive Sites
Blenny Portrait
Butterflyfish - Papua Diving Site
The Challenge - Blennies
Coral Goby
Teira Batfish School
Sea Pen Crab - Raja Ampat
Crab in Sea Pen, Sorong Indonesia
Sweetlips and Golden Cup Corals - Indonesia Diving
Teira Batfish School
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Sample images from our two Raja Ampat trips in 2005. I have only looked through about 1/3 of my images and will be adding many more fishy wide angle photos as I get the chance.

SMY Ondina, the liveaboard we chartered, sailed out of Sorong Indonesia. Water temperature in Papua ranges from 82-86F. We dived flat seas and experienced good weather except for one morning of rain that delayed our first dive for 3 hours. Both wide angle and macro photo opportunities were good, although the macro was not as exciting as previous trips.

I've booked 2 liveaboard charters to Raja Ampat for 2006. The Nov. 7 trip is nearly full. There still is some space available on our Nov. 21 trip. Both trips will be, as always, geared toward underwater photographers and people who love marine life with lots of dives and lots of time in the water.

We also have a Banda Sea liveaboard dive trip chartered for Sept. 5.

Check www.cityseahorse.com for info about any of the trips we have planned to Indonesia and elsewhere.

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